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Hermon CERT Saves the Day

On the hot Saturday morning of July 25, volunteer members of the Hermon CERT gathered for an intensive simulated drill to enhance their emergency life-saving skills.... Read more »

Community Begins Blueprint for Life in East Los Angeles

The streetcars came and went, freeways carved up East L.A., and neighborhoods were transformed. But no one asked local residents what they wanted for their community—until... Read more »

Homeless Parolee Charged with Murder of Los Feliz Teen

A parolee was charged Tuesday with murder, kidnapping and robbery in the slaying of a 17-year-old girl whose body was found in the passenger seat of her car near... Read more »

Montebello Recall Signatures In the Hands of City, County

“Save Our City,” a group pushing for the recall of two council members in Montebello, turned in several boxes of recall petitions Monday afternoon containing... Read more »

Sotomayor’s High Court Nomination Heads Toward Final Confirmation

United States Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor moved one step closer to becoming the first Latina appointed to the nation’s highest court. On Tuesday, the... Read more »

L.A. River Revitalization Slowly Flows Forward

Following several devastating floods along the Los Angeles River during the 1930’s that claimed 85 lives, the federal government lined the river with concrete... Read more »

Cartoon: July 30, 2009

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287G: Obama Opposes Yet Sanctions Racial Profiling

In Cambridge, Mass., a prominent African American professor gets arrested in his own home, and many conservatives – of all colors – are befuddled because they... Read more »

It’s Business As Usual on Wall Street

Here’s some great economic news, folks: America is back on the financial upswing, and happy days are here again! What’s that you say? Well, yes, unemployment... Read more »

The Fatal Conceit of Health-Care Reformers

It’s easy to get distracted by the details and crushing cost estimates of “health-care reform” while losing sight of the key question: Can a handful of congressmen,... Read more »

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