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EDITORIAL: The Old Lion Goes Home

Even though he never tried to cover up that he was a liberal with a capital L, Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy’s passing will only add to the Senates’ partisanship.

Everyone knew where Senator Kennedy’s sentiments were. He was a Democrat who held the dreams and needs of people not as affluent as he or his family close to his heart. The “Lion of the Senate,” Kennedy carried these needs of ordinary Americans as a mantel on his broad shoulders. He roared on their behalf, and had a say and vote in nearly every Civil Rights accomplishment achieved in the U.S. during the last forty or so years in the Senate,

Yet Kennedy’s recognition that little, if anything, could be accomplished in the Senate without a true give-and-take among his fellow Senate members, was perhaps his greatest accomplishment, and an unfortunate rarity in our times.

True bipartisanship is one more step closer to the grave with the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy. The old lions are disappearing, as is their statesmanship and civil discourse. Let’s hope that the young lions will gain a better perspective on how to create a more civilized atmosphere as they discuss the public’s business by reflecting on Kennedy’s ability to make friends and influence others.