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January 28, 2010 Issue

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Little Time For Big Public School Vote

Residents in Northeast and East L.A. have been hit by a whirlwind of information from applicants wanting to operate local public schools as part of the Los Angeles... Read more »

New MUSD High School To Teach Job Skills

A new $30 million high school that will draw a direct connection between school and the workplace broke ground in Montebello this week. The Montebello Unified School... Read more »

Fond Memories Shared At Commerce’s 50th Birthday

Nostalgia sets in a little earlier in the City of Commerce. “That’s the old swimming pool, right?” says one of the three young men peering at an black and... Read more »

Drowning In Red Ink: L.A. Looks to Cut Jobs

With revenues continuing to plunge, members of the Los Angeles City Council confirmed Tuesday that at least 1,000 city employees will be laid off and possibly thousands... Read more »

A Fatal Street Race Wrecks Northeast Community

When the opportunity arrived for the director of the Cypress Park Family Source Center to hire additional staff, he already had someone in mind, Estephanie Orduna. The... Read more »

How The State Of California Budget Affects Los Angeles County Public Safety

Our economic problems and California’s budget crisis has impacted every level of government: state, county, and city.  Painful cuts have been and will continue... Read more »

Massachusetts: The Democrats Blew It

How come when the Republicans lose an election—as in Barack Obama sweeping the presidency in a landslide—the Right Wing responds by saying: “This proves the... Read more »

A Failed Strategy for East LA Cityhood

January 8, 2010 came and passed without much attention by many in East Los Angeles. I took notice only because Elvis Presley was born on that day and because a year... Read more »

Senator Sees Future After His Term Ends

After eight years in the California Senate, Democrat Gil Cedillo announced last week that he will run in November for the 45th District Assembly seat now held by... Read more »

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