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April 29, 2010 Issue

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Arizona Law Draws Backlash, Gives Fuel to May Day March

With the passage of a controversial law in Arizona last week, supporters of immigration reform have received the high-profile attention necessary to ensure this... Read more »

First ‘Cinco de Mayo’ Back at New Mariachi Plaza

It’s been a difficult two years for everyone, the nation’s economic recession has picked the pockets clean and stolen smiles from the faces of countless heads... Read more »

Montebello Centennial Stirs Up School Spirit, Memories

When the Montebello Oilers marching band stormed into the Quiet Cannon banquet hall at Monday night’s high school centennial celebration, Tina-Marie Lozano, class... Read more »

Commerce Budget ‘Not Invincible,’ Says Official

Commerce’s City Administrator said last Thursday that they “are not interested in scaring or threatening people” but “there’s nothing attractive” about... Read more »

The Littlest Charro Sings Like An Angel

With a stage name like “El Consentido de Michoacán” (The Spoiled One from Michoacán) an audience might be expecting a whole lot of attitude from this little... Read more »

CARTOON: Wall Street Backpockets

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Editorial: Did Arizona Start the Reform Ball Rolling?

While the murder of a local rancher may have been the issue that pushed the state of Arizona to pass SB170, legislation to remove all persons without proof of citizenship... Read more »

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Should it take five years to get a divorce? Three years to complete an adoption? How about six hours in line to pay a parking ticket? Get ready, Los Angeles. Justice... Read more »

Greed in the Suites Gets a New Yardstick

During the Great Depression, a pay package for the top executive at National City Bank–the Wall Street giant we know today as Citigroup—scandalized the nation.... Read more »

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