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June 24, 2010 Issue

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Cultivating Students’ Green Thumbs

A dream that began 17 years ago—a lifetime for some local students—was realized with ribbon cutting ceremonies at two Bell Gardens area schools on June 10 and... Read more »

Pink Slips, Reductions Approved For Montebello School Employees

Layoff notices went out to Montebello Unified School District employees this week after the board approved the reduction of 113 classified employees. The layoffs,... Read more »

Proud Moments From Individual Experiences

With graduation season upon us, students, parents, and teachers are coming together to celebrate and reflect on their achievements. Each student being recognized... Read more »

Drop in Casino Fees Leaves Bell Gardens Strapped for Cash

With 40 percent of its General Fund coming from casino revenues that continue to decline, the city of Bell Gardens last week approved a $23.8 Budget for 2010-2011... Read more »

East L.A. Set for Grassroots Cityhood Campaign

On a hot Friday evening in unincorporated East Los Angeles last week, a group of local volunteers gathered to begin the initial stages of a critical grass roots... Read more »

EDITORIAL: Maywood Disbands City Government: Other Cities Should Heed Their Lesson

The dangers associated with a city being unable to manage its police force, and a city council that allows its meetings to get out of control, all the while failing... Read more »

Medicare Starts Filling ‘Donut Hole’ With $250 Checks

Every senior knows about the infamous Medicare prescription-drug “donut hole,” the gulf of $4,550 in drug costs that go uncovered, leaving many elders to skip... Read more »

Get Serious About Small Business

It seems that every election year, several key phrases start to emanate from the Capitol—”small business” and “job creation”. A note to press secretaries... Read more »

Door-to-Door Census Count Wraps Up In East Los Angeles

The second phase of data collection for the U.S Census 2010 in East Los Angeles, which included a visit to the homes of residents who failed to submit their Census... Read more »

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