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‘Coach’ Kobe Bryant Drops By Bell Gardens Intermediate

Laker Kobe Bryant dropped by Bell Gardens Intermediate today to help promote a cultural exchange between young basketball fans from China and from the Los Angeles... Read more »

Commerce Water Rates Expected To Go Up

Water bills for businesses and residents in Commerce could go up because the cost of buying water from districts managing or selling Southern California’s water... Read more »

Chicano Roundtable to Remember Gustav Montag on Monday

At noon on Monday, Jan. 31, the Chicano Round Table will host a press conference and commemoration  to remember Gustav Montag, killed during one of several Chicano... Read more »

January 27, 2011 Issue

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NELA High School Brings Excitement, Uncertainty

Excitement and high expectations were an underlying current as parents, students and stakeholders on Monday listened to presentations from groups hoping to run a... Read more »

Eligibility Loophole Tightened For Round Two of PSC Voting

Chaos at the polls last year had prompted rumors that advisory voting by parents, students, and other stakeholders under the Public School Choice reform could be... Read more »

Lincoln Park Gateway Gets $500,000 Face Lift

Complaints that a Lincoln Heights area park has been allowed to deteriorate, may soon turn to praise as Los Angeles city workers put the final touches on a $500,000... Read more »

Officials Decry Plan to Cut Redevelopment

Concerns are growing in the city of Bell Gardens, where officials are worried that the governor’s proposal to eliminate redevelopment agencies and shift those... Read more »

EDITORIAL: Don’t Forsake the Present In Hope of a Better Tomorrow

There’s been a strange lack of discussion about the president’s State of the Union address. Ordinarily we are overwhelmed with e-mails and calls from people... Read more »

The State of the Union Speech Is Over—Now the Real Fight Begins

President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday was measured, moderate, and in the wake of the Tucson massacre, the paragon of civility. The speech was less... Read more »

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