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February 24, 2011 Issue

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Eastern Group Publications Ballot Recommendations, March 8, 2011 Municipal Election

City of Los Angeles Charter Amendment H—Restriction on Campaign Contributions from City Contractors Leave it to politicians to find ways to leave loopholes huge... Read more »

VIDEO: Report on Ruben Salazar’s Death Made Public

The Office of Independent Review (OIR)—the independent oversight entity entrusted with reviewing deputy-involved shootings and other critical incidents involving... Read more »

Union Leaders in Vernon Appeal to Pérez’s ‘Labor Side’

Workers, employers and labor leaders representing the Save Vernon Jobs campaign rallied Tuesday at Los Angeles' city hall, where State Assembly Speaker John... Read more »

Pico Gardens Residents Want HACLA Commissioners to Resign

Residents of a public housing development in Boyle Heights who have been complaining since late last year about one board member, now want the entire Board of Commissioners... Read more »

Don’t Vote For Strangers; Get To Know Your Candidates

You may have seen the signs popping up around town, signaling that it is once again time to choose the right leaders to run your city. But who are the people behind... Read more »

Seniors Organize to Fight Cuts to L.A. Parks and Recreation Centers

Members of a local seniors’ club recently recalled how the surrounding landscape has changed, and in many cases improved. “This building wasn’t even here when... Read more »

Report on Journalist’s 1970 Death Made Public

A report on how crusading journalist Ruben Salazar died and how sheriff’s deputies handled the investigation was released on Tuesday, and the public will soon... Read more »

D.A. to Investigate Montebello City Bank Accounts

Responding to complaints about unexplained municipal accounts discovered in Montebello, a high-ranking investigator has announced that they have opened an inquiry... Read more »

Former Drew Street Nuisance To Be Transformed to Community Garden

The address “3304 Drew Street” used to be the headquarters for a clique of the Avenues Gang, but last year it was dubbed a nuisance property and demolished by... Read more »

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