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Friday Last Day To Take LA Budget Challenge

The City of Los Angeles is facing a $300 million budget deficit and there are lots of different views on how it should be dealt with.

Some see across the board cuts to staff and services as the answer. Others think the city needs to raise more revenue through tax and fee hikes.

Los Angeles is conducting an on-line survey to find out how you think the budget deficit should be handled. But Friday, March 4 is the last day you can take it.

Do you want to increase the budget for police and fire? Okay, what services are you willing to give up to pay for them? Are you willing to pay more for ambulance service? Parking fees? Parks and recreation classes? After-school programs?

You think the libraries should be open more days and longer hours, with what money?

Streets need to be paved, potholes filled, trees trimmed, sidewalks cleaned and graffiti removed – what should the city cut from its budget to cover the cost?

We need to support the parks and keep recreation programs in place or kids will have no safe place to go. Artists and art and cultural programs need to be supported because they add to our quality of life.

Should LA cut city employees salaries and benefits to pay for these services? Should the salaries and office accounts of the mayor, city council, city attorney, city controller be cut? How about more layoffs or furloughs?

Should Los Angeles adopt new revenue raising strategies like higher fees for services, permits and licenses?

Take the LA Budget Survey at LABudgetChallenge.lacity.org [1] and let city officials know what you think.