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Mars Needs Moms: Movie Lands This Friday

What should you do when aliens land in your yard and abduct your mom? Go after her!

In Disney’s new 3-D animated movie “Mars Needs Moms” opening this weekend, nine-year old Milo can’t wait for his mother to leave him alone. She is always telling him to eat his vegetables and do his chores!

But the aliens think Mom is swell, and they want her for themselves.

They whisk her away in their giant spaceship so she can teach their robots how to care for their own Martian kids.

Good thing Milo woke up just in time to also get zapped inside the spaceship that is taking his mom away.

Together with new Earth and Martian friends, Milo travels through Mars to take on an alien nation in an effort to prove that he needs his mom more than they do.

Seth Green provides the motion capture acting, and Seth Robert Dusky provides the voice acting for Milo, while Joan Cusack plays the mom.

The movie is directed and written by Simon Wells, and produced by Robert Zemeckis. The animation studio ImageMovers also made “Monster House,” “The Polar Express,” “Beowulf,” and “A Christmas Carol.”

The movie is based on a book by Berkeley Breathed. Check local listings for show times.