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No Quad Gates for East LA’s Gold Line Intersections

The Metro Board of Directors voted against installing quad gates at four intersections along the Metro Gold Line in East Los Angeles, but did approve other recommendations in a study presented on Sept. 22, according to Metro spokesperson Jose Ubaldo, writing for the transportation agency’s “El Pasejero” Spanish language blog.

According to Ubaldo, Metro spent several months using test similulations to determine what impact installing quad gates would have on traffic if installed at each corner of 24 intersections along the Gold Line route through East Los Angeles.

The study also assessed opportunities to increase driver and pedestrian awareness of oncoming trains at those same corners on the light rail route.

While the quad gates are intended to increase safety by acting as physical barriers between the light rail trains and pedestrians and motorists, neither pedestrians nor drivers were enthusiastic about the traffic delays they could potentially cause, particularly along the busy Third Street traffic artery, according to Ubaldo.

Based on the results of the analysis, and the comments and feedback received from community groups and coordinating agencies, the board approved the study’s recommendation against having four barriers coming down every time a train passes in any direction.

Instead Metro staff made the following recommendations:

— Have demonstration tests to see if the warning lights embedded in the asphalt at 10 corners increase the awareness of drivers and pedestrians approaching trains.
— Reset the traffic lights at selected corners to deter drivers who make illegal left turns
— Increase signage in strategic locations to deter illegal left tern citations when the train is approaching.