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EDITORIAL: City of Los Angeles Says to ‘Fix Your Own Sidewalks’

Well the Los Angeles City Council has now really hit bottom by proposing that city property owners pay to make all needed repairs to the sidewalks around their property, and to assume the liability for any damage or injury caused by those sidewalks.

The roots of trees that Angelenos are prohibited from cutting down are often the cause of the damage to sidewalks. And sidewalks are a public asset meant for public use. They are not usually a person’s private property, or for exclusive private use.

So, these types of council decisions can only end up causing real problems in the future.

We can just imagine the havoc that will ensue when residents start to claim they own these public assets since they have paid to improve them.

“You can’t walk here,” “Don’t park in front of my house,” “Walk your dog somewhere else, this is my sidewalk!” You get the gist of what we mean.

As for the “city leaders” who thought up this great idea, they should forget about charging for permits to do the improvements, it’s the least they can do should they go ahead with this plan.

We can see it now, homeowner’s insurance will go up for anyone who has a tree growing anywhere near a sidewalk.

There aren’t enough cops or inspectors in the city to keep track of all the repairs that will be done or even take care of all the permit applicants that will flood the city building and safety department.

So here we are, with another bright idea the city council may live to regret.