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Montebello To Investigate Possible Misconduct By Two Police Captains

Two Montebello police captains were relieved of their duties pending an investigation into alleged misconduct, according to Paul Loehr, the city’s human resources director.

Captain Greg Wilsey was put on paid administrative leave, while Captain Brian Dragoo was relieved of his “primary duties” and assigned to “process paperwork” on Sept.  21, Loehr said. Wilsey served for a time as acting police chief before Kevin McClure was appointed to the position.

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Loehr said the city took action immediately after a complaint about misconduct was lodged. The allegations relate to events that happened in the “recent past” and are “related to [the captains’] duties as management representatives,” he said.

Loehr emphasized that “misconduct” still refers to a broad set of circumstances, and he was reluctant to give further details about either case, saying release of information could color responses during interrogation and skew or bias the investigation as a whole.

According to Loehr, the investigation has nothing to do with the city’s recent financial crisis, nor to a controversy from two years ago when 13 police officers sued then police chief Daniel Weast.

“Nobody’s been charged with anything at this point. All they are, are just allegations or concerns that were raised,” he said.

The two captains’ cases are mostly un-related, Loehr added. “It’s my understanding they’re separate issues, although there may be links… it was somewhat coincidental” that the two were suspended from their duties at the same time, he said.

The city will bring in an “external investigator” rather than conduct an internal investigation, which could last one or two months, Loehr said. If nothing is found, Wilsey and Dragoo will be reinstated to their positions.