Montebello Officers Group Give Police Chief Vote Of Confidence

By Elizabeth Hsing-Huei Chou, EGP Staff Writer

Montebello’s police officer’s union came to the defense of its police chief in the wake of a lawsuit filed against him and the city alleging discrimination and retaliation.

The Montebello Police Officer’s Association unanimously approved a vote of confidence for Kevin McClure and his administration. “That the vote was unanimous is telling,” MPOA President Julio Calleros said in a statement to EGP last Friday. “The general consensus is that Chief McClure has brought a level of professionalism, expertise and stability to this department that had been lacking severely for several years prior to his arrival, which has resulted in improved public safety to the businesses and citizens of the community.”

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The action was a response to a lawsuit filed on June 11 by Captains Greg Wilsey and Brian Dragoo, Sgt. Kimberly Lundy and Lt. Ricardo Rojas. The four police officers accused McClure of discriminating against racial and gender minorities in the department, and of retaliating against attempts by some officers to expose legally questionable behavior by some members of the department. The lawsuit claims McClure dismissed requests to hold cultural diversity training, called African Americans “dirty” and women “MILFS” (a derogatory sexual reference); and ignored the police officers’ attempts to report possibly illegal activity in the city.

In last Friday’s statement, the police association, which represents sworn police officers and police sergeants, defended McClure’s record with the department, saying that he reduced overtime and was able to maintain a unit to target narcotics and gangs despite a tight budget. McClure took over as chief in April 2011, after 30 years serving with the LAPD.

Montebello Police Officers Sue Chief and City

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