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Labor Day 2012 –Time to Reinvest In Our Human Capital

This year’s celebration of Labor Day isn’t like those of the past.

During the past thirty years, not only have we lost millions of jobs to foreign workers, we have also witnessed the shrinking of our middle class, and loss of their American dream.

As employers cut wages and benefits in order to please shareholders demanding ever-greater profits and dividend payouts, we cannot help but wonder where their shortsighted view will take us as a country.

One has to wonder what many corporations would do if they could no longer find workers?  Who would produce the goods workers make, and who would be able to afford to buy what is produced?

While many claim to be interested in bolstering the plight of working men and women in this country, in rescuing the middle class, the reality is that it is little more than lip service. Sadly, in many circles, there is a growing contempt for the American worker, and a lack of caring for their plight.

Those who are doing well can see no reason why others aren’t doing the same; they blame and mock them for not achieving as they have.

This is not the America we used to be.

So this Labor Day, we hope you will take a moment to stop and think about where we will be as a country if we continue our disinvestment in our human capital, and keep pushing down our working class.