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From Our Readers

In response to the article from August 30, titled “Fate of Eastside Murals Still Undecided.”
Although this week’s hearing in front of the LA County Regional Planning Commission regarding the site for the for a new middle school next door to the First Street Store had nothing to do with the First Street Store murals, much of the conversation centered on the murals. I, again, want to make one thing clear. If we decide to build a school on that site, we will not only preserve the murals and reinstall them on the school, but they will be in their current order and continue to tell their current story. We understand that others may disagree with us, but we feel the power of these murals lies in the story that the pictures tell, and we want to continue to display that story for the community to appreciate and our students to learn from for years to come.


Judy Ivie Burton
Alliance College-Ready Public Schools

Re: Balanced Editorial Section
Every Thursday, I love reading the Commerce Comet. But if I may give a suggestion, do you think you could provide opinion pieces from political viewpoints that include both liberal and conservative. Like myself I am a 37 year old male who finds his politics falling somewhere towards the middle right. Unfortunately the opinions in the Comet are usually heavy in the politics from the left. Just a suggestion, thanks.

Hector G.
City of Commerce