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Montebello Discusses Lawsuit Ahead of Settlement Conference

The Montebello City Council met in closed session on Aug. 23 to discuss a lawsuit filed by a former Montebello police chief who was fired mere days after his appointment amid controversy over his hiring in 2010.

The lawsuit filed by Kenneth Rulon in 2011 alleges that Montebello wrongfully terminated him and breached his employment contract with the city. The city claims the contract with Rulon was created illegally, according to court records.

The interim city administrator at the time, Randy Narramore, quit soon after Rulon’s firing. Narramore was seen storming out of a closed session meeting during which Rulon’s employment was discussed.

The next court hearing for the case is a “mandatory settlement conference” scheduled for Sept. 7. Also scheduled are a “final status conference” on Sept. 28 and a jury trial on Oct. 10. The case number is BC469785.

The council voted to lift attorney client privileges to allow the city attorney to testify or present confidential communication between the city and its attorney during discovery or deposition, according to the city attorney’s report following the closed session. The action was approved by Councilman Jack Hadjianian and Mayor Frank Gomez, with Councilman Bill Molinari abstaining. Councilman Art Barajas and Mayor Pro Tem Christina Cortez did not attend the meeting.