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Monterey Park Police Warn Residents of Police Impersonator

(EGPNews) – In August, a woman reported to police that she was stopped by a male adult in his 30’s with a heavy Spanish accent and dark curly hair, purporting to be a police officer. He had a thin-medium build and wore a brown t-shirt.The subject was driving a vehicle with red and blue lights on the grill and upper windshield.

Initially the woman thought he was a police officer, but still requested that the man show her his police identification. He refused and told her to go home. The incident occurred in the area of Graves and Alhambra Avenues at approximately 3 a.m.The Monterey Park police are reminding residents that all police officers carry proper police identification and will show it when asked.

To date, only one incident has been reported. However, anyone with information or a similar experience is encouraged to contact Detective Alvarez at (626) 307-1226.