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CVS Gets Approval for Signs On ‘Golden Gate’ Store

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved a zoning variance to allow signs to go up on a historic building in unincorporated East Los Angeles.

The CVS Pharmacy located 909 W. Atlantic Blvd, at the corner of Whittier Boulevard, opened in August with a temporary banner hanging over its front door. There are already two previously approved, freestanding signs on the property: one is the refurbished Jim’s Burger sign, the other is a 10-foot by 15-foot ground-level sign with a digital marquee.

The variance allows M & A Gabaee to hang signs on three of the nationally and state-registered historical building’s four exterior walls, exceeding the total sign area, total number of wall signs and the maximum letter height.

The Supervisors had wanted smaller signs, no more than 42 inches, but the petitioner’s appeal was ultimately approved.

The CVS will have signs on three of it’s walls, two of the signs will be a maximum of 48 inches, the Drive-Thru Pharmacy will also have a sign.

Supervisors approved the variance because of the 1927 building’s scale, and because it is setback from the major commercial street. A staff report states the signage would be “visible to pedestrians and vehicles … without resulting in visual clutter or inconsistencies in signage as compared to the surrounding community.”

New signs should be installed within a week or two after the final approval, the property owner’s consultant, Ron Holley of R.H. Properties, LLC, told EGP.

The Whittier Boulevard Merchants Association did not object to the proposed wall signs, according to the report.

The variance was approved with several legal conditions.