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Bell Gardens Business Owners Talk Security, Surveillance

Hoping to protect their businesses from theft, Bell Gardens business owners attended a meeting where they learned ways to deter crime in the area through the use of video surveillance.

The Bell Gardens Chamber of Commerce put together the event as part of their business watch series. The Chamber invited representatives from Hunter Security, a video surveillance company, to talk to the Bell Gardens business owners about how their security program could be used to fight against burglary.

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Sam Bell, vice president of Metal Surfaces, told EGP that he was interested in a partnership between the police department and video surveillance due to previous thefts at his business location. He attended the event in hopes of finding ways to improve his rapport with the city’s police department and with his fellow business owners.

“The goal is to keep the theft down so people want to live in the area, so businesses want to stay in the area,” Bell said. “We try to maintain profitability, which is the core of all the industry and to keep people employed.”

Chamber President Ed Moore told EGP that the Business Watch group was launched almost two years ago to provide information on topics of security.

“The value of this is bringing information to the business owners in Bell Gardens,” Moore said. “The information that we can develop on crime trends and security issues are going to be of value to the membership.”

James A. Pollock, president of Quality Compressor, told EGP he hopes more businesses get involved with the group so they can work together to keep crime down in the area.

“I’m interested in co-opting with the police department and the business community to make the community safer,” Pollock said.

The group tries to meet every quarter and covers topics such as employee theft, bad checks, graffiti, gang activity and general crime that affect any business, Moore said.

He urged business owners to join the business watch group, which is not exclusive to members of the Chamber, but open to all Bell Gardens businesses.

“They should come to gain the information, let their voice be heard, express their concerns and interest, let us know what is of value to them,” Moore said. “Every business is going to have a concern, what concern is your business going to have?”

For more information about the Business Watch Group, contact the Bell Gardens Chamber of Commerce at (562) 806-2355.