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Bell Gardens Launches New City Website

Bell Gardens officials are hoping a newly launched city website will make it easier for residents, businesses and others interested in the city to access news and information about Bell Gardens services and events.

The newly designed website — www.bellgardens.org — allows for more effective interaction with the community, according to Bell Gardens Mayor Pedro Aceituno.

The city’s old website was out of date and “The City needed a more modern and functional website in order to communicate more effectively and timely with the residents of this community,” Aceituno said in the city’s announcement released on Tuesday.

“With the development of social networking, the City wanted to be able to communicate and reach out in a way that accounts for this developing form of communication,” said Aceituno.

As a result of the changes, Bell Gardens will now be able to post City Council meeting information, announcements through Facebook, news, bid documents, an online calendar, job postings and online application, online registration, subscriptions for immediate event information, and much more on its website.

Other improved functions, according to the city’s representative Nicholas Razo, will make it easier and more cost effective to maintain the website, as well as streamline other activities in the city. For example, Bell Gardens residents can now register for classes provided by the city online, rather than having to appear in person. The city is also working on an online bill pay system that will make it easier for residents and businesses to pay bills and fees.

To view the new website, go to www.bellgardens.org.