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Monterey Park Takes Utility Payments Online

Residents of Monterey Park can now pay their utility bills with the click of a button. The city is now offering an online service that makes it easy to make payments without having to write a check or go to city hall.

Those who use the service will be able to pay for their water or trash bill online or by phone using their debit card, credit card or with an electronic check. In order to offset the cost of the service, users will be charged a $3.25 convenience fee.

Water Department Supporting Supervisor Dia Khuu told EGP that the online service would allow residents to pay 24/7 without fear of getting a late fee.

“If we put out the bill and it is due today and you make a payment tonight you will not get a late fee,” said Khuu.

Residents will only need to have their account information to use the service online or through the automatic phone service.

“There was definitely a need,” Khuu said. “Everyone has a different preference.”

Residents who do not want to use the service can still make payments at the city hall cashier, by sending a check in the mail or through an automatic debit from a bank account.

To make a payment online, visit https://ipn.paymentus.com/otp/stde/comp or call (855)288-1490 to make a payment by phone.

For more information about the service, call Monterey Park’s Water Department at (626) 307-1342.