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Re: “Away With That Ugly Old Bridge,” published Feb. 7, 2013: From the verbiage you have chosen to use, one can tell that you have no respect for those who do appreciate what the bridge means. It is not just an old bridge it is part of the history that is Los Angeles; it is a monument to the community for which it was built. From the design, to the lighting, placement and events that have been held there in celebration of the community is the meaning of the bridge.

There are various historical buildings throughout Los Angeles that are a testament to the past of the city that apparently you would like to forget. The bridge can be saved and retrofitted for far less while saving a piece of history and community. It is not only a bridge but a gateway that made the city one again. It created the connection from downtown to the new emerging cities. There are still many alive who helped build that bridge and used that bridge as a new opportunity for a better life. With your perceptive we should tear down all that is old and make it new. What then of historical value? What then of those who are not like you and have learned to navigate the bridge with no issue and love the feeling when they cross it daily? As a reporter one is to be objective and present the story; you are far from that and have insulted an entire community because of your own personal bias.

Rodrigo Valles, Montebello

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