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Gun Battle Going On In Big Bear

Law enforcement authorities are apparently engaged in a gun battle with triple-murder suspect Christopher Dorner just off Highway 38 near Seven Oaks Road in the Big Bear area.

CBC is confirming that two deputies have been shot and wounded in the massive explosion of gunfire; their condition is not immediately available. Authorities are attempting to extricate the deputies hit by gunfire.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department earlier broadcast a general advisory stating that Dorner was possibly involved in a home-invasion robbery at 1274 Club View Road in Big Bear. A couple were tied up in their house, and the suspect fled in their 2008 white Dodge pickup truck with a back hitch, heading south on state Route 38,possibly toward Cherry Valley. A state Fish & Game ranger apparently fired on the vehicle, according to the sheriff’s broadcast.

According to news reports, the gunfight is a remote wilderness area.

A massive multi law enforcement agency response is underway.