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Senators’ Panic on Immigration Over Boston Bombings Makes No Sense

It didn’t take long for some members of Congress to jump to the wrong conclusion following the horrific Boston Marathon bombing and to start claiming that Americans would be in danger from more attacks of this type if a new and comprehensive immigration law under consideration is allowed to pass.

Two brothers, Chechen refugees from Russia, were responsible for the bombings and terrible carnage in Boston, and were rather quickly identified after a robbery and carjacking. Much was quickly learned about the brothers because their presence in the US was well documented. While they may have felt isolated and little in common with Americans, they were not living in the shadows as most undocumented immigrants in this country do today.

We think these facts should lead to the realization that every person in the U.S. must be documented not only because it makes a country less secure to have an underground population, undocumented, unlicensed, untaxed and unidentified, but because it also divides the country’s people.

You have to wonder if some of the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who panicked after the Boston attack have had their heads constricted by Washington’s beltway.

It’s time to stop the nonsensical rhetoric, and get on with the reforms needed in our immigration system.