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Cedillo Wins Seat on L.A. Council

The political road between Sacramento and Los Angeles City Hall was well-traveled Wednesday, with former assemblyman Gil Cedillo claiming the city council seat being vacated by termed-out Councilman Ed P. Reyes.

Cedillo earned 52.4 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s runoff battle with Jose Gardea, Reyes’ chief of staff, getting 47.5 percent of the vote. The district represents an area that includes northeast Los Angeles, Chinatown, Pico Union and MacArthur Park.

Gil Cedillo walks into a jubilant room of supporters at his Highland Park campaign headquarters on Tuesday evening. (EGP photo by Fred Zermeno)

Cedillo came close to winning the seat outright during the primary in March, winning 49.3 percent of the vote to Gardea’s 43.5 percent, with fewer than 1,000 separating the candidates.

Despite agreeing on many issues, the race between Gardea and Cedillo had become acrimonious as both candidates tried to identify their opponent as just another political insider, with special interest connections.

Both candidates touted their records “of getting things done,” Gardea at the local level and Cedillo as a state legislator.

Council District 1 is the smallest district in area, but is the most densely populated and has some of the city’s most densely populated neighborhoods and oldest infrastructure.

Cedillo, whose has spent his political career in Sacramento dealing with statewide issues, says he will be able to call on his connections in the State Capitol and Washington D.C. to bring much needed resources to the district.