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David Vela for L.A. Community College District

Eastern Group Publications is endorsing Montebello School Board Member David Vela for Office No. 5.

We have been greatly impressed by Mr. Vela’s willingness to consider innovative ideas to improve the services provided at the Community College level, a practice he employed while a member of MUSD’s Board of Education.

Vela is not a newcomer to education administration and he understands that tight budgets don’t necessarily have to automatically mean cuts to programs and services to students.

We believe that it’s time for the Community College District to get more innovative when it comes to providing services to students. Vela is open to the idea of giving registration priority to students from within a community college district, much as state colleges and K-12 school districts have done.

For many Latinos, and for that matter many other students, starting at the community college level is the most cost effective way to pursue a college education. Going to a school close to home that is easily accessible via public transportation is a much-needed financial bonus.

Vela has also stated that he wants to focus more revenue to help colleges improve their offering of classes that students need to transfer to a four-year university.  These classes are now so limited that many students wind up spending years trying to get the credits needed to move forward.

We agree with Vela that this objective needs to become a priority for every college in the District.

Vela says he will make an effort to visit every campus in the District and to try and become acquainted with the process they use to determine budget priorities, not to micromanage, but to work toward solutions that the board of trustees can help bring about. We are certain he will get some push back from college presidents and staff, but the role of the board of trustees is to set policy and to do so, they must have a firm understanding of what happens at the college level.

We believe there is a need to bring some cohesion from campus to campus so that the needs of all levels of students are met. Therefore we endorse David Vela for L.A. Community College Seat No. 5