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Councilman Cedillo: It’s Time to Work On Cleaning Up the Streets

One of the reasons we endorsed Gil Cedillo for 1st City Council District was his statement that there is no excuse for the districts sidewalks to be littered by discarded mattresses and other bulky items for days on end.

We understand Councilman Cedillo may still be getting settled into his new offices and his new role as a councilman, which above all else calls for close attention to the day-to-day street level issues that have the most direct impact on his constituents’ quality of life. Those issues should never take second place when it comes to representing his district, and that means Cedillo must ramp up his learning curve, so be it.

Traveling up and down North Figueroa and many of the side streets in Highland Park, we have been disappointed to see that junk littering the areas sidewalks and parkways continues to be ignored by our trash collection department for days on end.

It’s piling up in other areas as well, but from our view, much faster in the northeast corner of the first district.

It’s true people dump trash on our streets and don’t bother to call 311 for pick up, and that’s a big part of the problem. However, we believe city workers and the councilman’s staff need to keep an eye on the problem and quickly take action to mitigate the situation. It’s what Cedillo said he would do when running for office and it’s what Mayor Eric Garcetti has said city staff will do about the large number of potholes in L.A., and other issues that make living in the city unpleasant.

It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to report the blight and arrange to have it picked up, so there’s just is no reason for anyone looking the other way.

One of the best and easiest way to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood is to get rid of the eyesores, especially trash and graffiti, so we urge Councilman Cedillo to get to work on keeping his word by not allowing trash to pile up in our neighborhoods.