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LAUSD Students Return to School

An estimated 600,000 students in the nation’s second-largest school district returned to their classrooms on Tuesday, as the Los Angeles Unified School District 2013-2014 term began.

The district wants to remind parents – and motorists – of the midsummer startup.

The district plans to open 15 new on-campus health clinics this week in what it calls “high-priority areas.” Funding for the “school-based wellness centers” comes in part for the Los Angeles Trust For Children’s Health.

The on-campus clinics include primary health care, mental health and behavioral and dental services. The district also plans to assist families in enrolling their children in health insurance plans.

“Students must feel safe on campus to achieve their best in the classroom,” said district Superintendent John Deasy.

The district asked parents to follow six rules this year:

– learn school rules for students and parents,

– learn the emergency plans for each campus, which are posted at

http://parentemergencyinformation.lausd.net/ ,

– update children’s emergency contact cards at their school,

– know each child’s exact schedule at school,

– obey traffic rules and traffic monitors at schools, and

– make sure all students entering seventh grade have had “T-dap” booster shots for pertussis, also known as whooping cough.