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Hispanic Heritage Month: A Time to Recognize Perseverance and Determination

This week is the start of the celebration of Latino accomplishments in the U.S.

But the fact remains that Latinas still have a tough road to travel in U.S. society.

Educational achievement still lags, though it is improving. Immigration reform is still not a sure thing, though numerous reports and studies have shown that legalizing the status of those in the country without authorization holds significant financial benefits for the country.

The dearth of Latinos in the media, entertainment, industry and financial board of directors and in public health sectors continues to be problematic. But, it is a testament to Latino perseverance, entrepreneurial spirit and dogged determination to succeed despite the high odds against them that they continue to thrive in ways that we should all look on with awe and admiration.

It is this spirit, as well as the long list of accomplishments, culture and humanity that should earn the spotlight during the observance of Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 through October 14.