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Obama’s Change on Syria A Good Step

Except for two pronouncements, President Obama’s address to the nation on Wednesday was otherwise unremarkable.

At least we are now clear on what he is considering regarding Syria.

First, he asserted that he will not put American boots on the ground and second, he will not pursue open-ended action like that taken in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nor will he pursue a prolonged air campaign like those against Libya and Kosovo.

Fear over The possibility of either of those two courses action had many Americans living in fear.

Dozens of seniors at Salazar Park in East Los Angeles who said they had never before been politically involved in any issue, picked up the phone last week to let their local congressional representatives, Lucille Roybal-Allard and Xavier Becerra, that they are against the U.S. bombing Syria.

The president’s accepting of the Russian proposal to put Syria’s chemical weapons under the control of an international group is a wise move, especially since momentum supporting a retaliatory strike against Syria seemed to have been lost.

There is no guarantee Assad will stop his attacks against Syrian rebels who want him gone, and it is likely that he will continues to attack them with his superior force of armaments.

Neither side in Syrian Civil War hold any great love for the U.S. and a strike against Assad’s regime, we are convinced, would do nothing to change those feelings, or improve our relations in the region.