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Commerce Recall Proponents Told to Revise Petitions

Proponents of the recall campaign targeting three recently reelected members of the Commerce City Council, have been asked to make corrections on the petitions they submitted to the city clerk’s office.

The petitions were returned Oct. 4 to the proponents for edits, Interim City Clerk Teresa Jackson told EGP on Monday. The proponents have 10 days to make the corrections and submit the revised petitions, then the city clerk’s office will have another 10 days to review the documents, she explained.

“The petitions have not been approved for circulation,” Jackson underscored.

The petitions under revision correspond to City Council Members Ivan Altamirano and Tina Baca Del Rio.

Recall proponent Jaime Valencia, a two-time former candidate for the city council, told EGP the edits are minor, and include spelling and grammar edits.

According to Valencia, Commerce Mayor Pro Tem Lilia Leon had avoided being served with her recall papers until last week. “She was in hiding from us, she used her hip surgery as an excuse…” Valencia said.

But on Wednesday, Leon told EGP that she had not yet been served.

Valencia asserts that the recall targets have it wrong when they say there are only a handful of recall proponents and that they are primarily former city council candidates. Valencia says there is corruption in the city, and eluded that a bombshell is coming.

Last week, EGP published a letter from Commerce Mayor Joe Aguilar responding to an EGP editorial on recall elections. In his response, Aguilar states a recall election would cost the city upwards of $33,000, not including staff costs.