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Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah

This year we are privileged to celebrate Thanksgiving and Hanukkah at the same time, this hasn’t happened before in our nation and won’t happen again for thousands of years.

Both of these events call for giving thanks for all the blessings of the past year and for remembering those who have suffered catastrophic events.

In the last month, we have witnessed the horrific destruction of a typhoon in the Philippines and tornadoes in the mid-west.

It’s appropriate that Jews and non-Jews should reflect that the Hanukkah 8-day Festival of Lights is a time to remember that hope is universal, and should never be lost.

As we gather today during this feast of plenty, let us also remember our neighbors who are homeless, and suffering other needs.

The Jewish holy season of a Hanukkah celebrated for eight days provides for gifts and celebration in memory of successful rebellion against despots and the rededication of the temple. We wish the Jewish community a Happy Hanukkah and the rest of the community a very Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving.