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Monterey Park Opens New Transit Center Near ELAC

Bus riders from Montebello, East Los Angeles and Monterey Park will now be able to get on their bus at a new transit center just opened near East Los Angeles College.

With 7 bus bays, the transit center, adjacent to the community college on Collegian Avenue, is the first and only of its kind in the area.

In addition to MTA 68, Montebello Bus Line 10, Monterey Park’s Spirit Bus 2 and 5, a shuttle between ELAC and Cal State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) will also stop at the transit center.

“Transportation is key to all of us and this transit center is one more link that connects us together,” said Monterey Park Mayor Teresa Real Sebastian.

In the works since 2005, construction on the center did not begin until early 2012.

Amy Ho, a management analyst with Monterey Park’s public works department, told EGP the project was in the planning stage for “quite a while,” but delayed because the city had to coordinate with ELAC’s construction schedule.

The u-shaped center will offer a drop off/pick up area as well as a place for buses from the four transit agencies to layover. Parking will also be available to passengers in the adjacent parking structure.

The center project cost approximately $1.5 million to build, with funds coming from a federal grant and 20 percent in contributions from Monterey Park and ELAC; Metro contributed $107,000 and Montebello Bus Lines contributed $100,000.

Officials from Monterey Park, ELAC and the various transportation agencies held a ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday commemorating the official opening.

The center will be managed and maintained by Monterey Park. Plans for the second phase of the project call for the addition of an information kiosk and restrooms for transit operators.