Call For Statewide Plastic Bag Ban Renewed

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Plastic bags could soon be a thing of the past in California if a statewide ban proposed last week by local state legislators and a coalition of environmental, labor and business groups is passed.

Less than a month after the city of Los Angeles implemented its ban on single-use plastic grocery bags, Senators Kevin de Leon, Ricardo Lara and Alex Padilla were in Vernon last Friday to discuss Senate Bill 270, which would ban plastic bags throughout the state by 2015 and implement a 10 cent fee for recycled paper, reusable plastic and compostable bags.

“The plastic bag ban is a win-win for the environment, for California manufacturing and for jobs,” said De Leon, who represents the 22nd District that includes parts of the city of Los Angeles, East Los Angeles and Vernon.

In addition to helping the planet, the senators said the ban would promote California jobs and manufacturing. They said SB 270 would include financial incentives for businesses affected by the ban to maintain and retrain employees.

The conference was held at Command Packaging, a plastic manufacturer and recycler in the industrial city of Vernon, where environmental and manufacturing representatives joined the senators.

“This legislation sets the stage for California consumers to transition toward affordable reusable bags made in California from post-consumer recycled plastic and away from disposable bags,” said Command Packaging CEO Pete Grande.

Large grocery store chains will be required to take back used bags for recycling. The bill would also increase the percent of recycled content required in reusable plastic bags to 20% in 2016 and 40% by 2020.

“This compromise will bridge the gap and help move the economy forward into a green future,” said De Leon, who along with Lara last year opposed similar legislation authored by Padilla on the grounds it would cut jobs.

The current legislation includes $20 million in funding to help plastic bag manufacturers like Command Packaging retool their plants and retrain workers to produce recyclable bags, a provision that is being hailed by both business and environmental groups.

Joining the senators for the press conference announcing SB 270 were Ronald Fong, California Grocers Association, Pete Grande, President & CEO, Command Packaging, Jim Araby, Executive Director, United Food and Commercial Workers Western States Council, Mark Murray, Californians Against Waste, David Allgood, Director of Southern California CLCV, Dan Jacobson, Environment California, Friends of the Los Angeles River, Irma Munoz, President, Mujeres de la Tierra, Ruskin Hartley, CEO, Heal the Bay, Surfrider and Pacoima Beautiful.

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2 Responses to “Call For Statewide Plastic Bag Ban Renewed”

  1. mary on January 30th, 2014 12:13 pm

    The banning of plastic bags was done very sureptitously and without hardly any public discussion, imposed by companies, contractors and the dept of Santitation all colluding to IMPOSE a further cost and inconveneince on the buyers of products in LA.

    All the excuses exaggerating the negative effectives of the few who do not reuse or recycle their plastic bags, as most working people do, are attempts to prove the excess proliferation was environmentally destructive. But the selective examples were not the normal, common or usual end effect of a plastic bag.

    There was BARELY ANY PUBLIC DISCUSSION nor mass media Before the ban was slipped into effect. This action was clearly sly and done deliberately in secrecy and hiding until it was ‘done’ and hard to undo.

    All the working people, especially those who use public transportation or walk, have to now walk around with bags, with unsanitary/heavy overfilled bags they have to BUY and pay for separately. If any forget they MUST now purchase at double the cost to the grocery store the price of a paper bag, when any moisting sweating items will soak thru the paper and definitely make the bag not re-usable.

    Plastic bags were only let ‘fly’ and proliferate by a small minority of people who litter, dont care about much anyhow, and who were not the greater majority who did not drop their bags anywhere to blow in to..whatever…. as shown in selected scenes to ban the bags. I disagree with these moves that reduce customers convenience, increase their costs, and benefit everyone but the individual buyer when shopping !
    Another example of distrust of govt colluding with certain businesses without public agreement. Ask anyone on you block who doesnt drive a fancy car.

  2. Chris on February 4th, 2014 7:45 am

    Typical politicians creating a crisis around a problem that does not exist. This “guilty” and “shaming” tax on consumers by the freaky environmentalists, and the pilfering of this $20 million in taxpayer money to help minority/union shops to “retool” their shops, is itself “shameful”. And remove this redistribution of taxpayer money to the handful of clowns who will benefit from this tax, and they would be retooling their own plants at ther own expense instead of scooping up “free” money at the expense of tax payers. Once again, special interest minorities and unions with their political “lackeys” shaking down tax payers with no accountability,further hastening the exodus of residents from this hyper-taxing and bloated governmental experiment in privilege and socialism.

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