Hollenbeck Battle of the Badges Blood Drive Raises Awareness

By Jacqueline García, EGP Staff Writer

(EGP photo by Jacqueline García)

LAPD Officer Gonzalez Monday donated blood during the LAPD Hollenbeck Division’s “Battle of the Badges,” an event to increase blood donations to the American Red Cross. (EGP photo by Jacqueline García)


Officers at the Los Angeles Police Department Hollenbeck Station in Monday held a blood drive as part of their quest to win the Annual Battle of the Badges Contest, a friendly competition between local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to raise the highest number of blood donations to the American Red Cross.

“The competition runs from mid January to mid March and at the end we see who gets more donations,” LAPD Hollenbeck Officer Joe Perez told EGP. “We were approached by the Red Cross to participate and we thought it was a good idea,” he added.

The competition encourages officers and civilian staff to work with the community to raise awareness about the important need for blood donations. This is the fourth year Hollenbeck police participate in the friendly competition.

According to the Red Cross website, “blood donations dramatically decline during the holiday season, when schools are on break and many people go on vacation.” Therefore the need of blood reserve is much needed.

Michael Moreno Jr., a technician with the Red Cross, told EGP that while its well known that a high percentage of Latinos have the in high demand O positive blood type, (compatible with O positive, O negative and A negative blood types), too few Latinos donate blood.

“We need to get more proactive to donate blood because this blood goes to many families members in the community that may need it like ourselves, we may need it,” Moreno said, recalling when his father was saved because blood was available when he needed a transfusion.

Officer Perez told EGP that preliminary result indicate they have so far raised about 33 pints of blood, “about half was from LAPD officers.”

Participant Juan Juarez told EGP it is a good idea to volunteer to donate blood, “to help other people.”

Preliminary results were about 33 pints of blood donated at the LAPD Hollenbeck Division. (EGP photo by Jacqueline García)

Preliminary results were about 33 pints of blood donated at the LAPD Hollenbeck Division. (EGP photo by Jacqueline García)

The final results will be given when competition is over in mid March, when the winner of the 2014 Battle of the Badges is announced.


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