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Pico Rivera Man Threatens Deputies with Machete

A family disturbance in Pico Rivera Tuesday ended with sheriff’s deputies shooting a man who was allegedly threatening them with a machete.

Deputies were called around 5:50 a.m. to the 4800 block of Ivy Street according to the sheriff’s department. A 76-year-old woman told deputies she had been assaulted by her 56-year-old son, Jesus Ruben Rojo, who lives with her, and that her son was under the influence of drugs.

While the mother was speaking with deputies, Rojo came out of the home holding a machete and advanced toward the deputies, according to the sheriff’s department. Deputies shot the suspect with less-than-lethal stun bag rounds, but they had no effect and the man went back into the home, sheriff’s officials said.

The suspect’s mother told deputies her husband was bedridden in the home and she was afraid her son might harm or even kill his father, according to the sheriff’s department.

Deputies forced their way into the home, but Rojo stood between the deputies and his father’s room, swinging the machete and yelling obscenities, sheriff’s officials said.

A deputy used a Taser on the suspect, who fell to the floor, but when they tried to arrest him, he grabbed the machete again and struck a deputy on an arm, and he was shot by at least one of the deputies.

Rojo was taken to a hospital where he was treated for multiple gunshot wounds and is expected to survive. The deputy who was struck by the machete was wearing a jacket and was not injured.