Vernon Police Launches Online Crime Reporting

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With just a few strokes on a keyboard, Vernon residents and others in the city can now file crime reports online, the city’s police department has announced.

The Vernon Police Department’s online crime reporting system is the only system of its kind in the Southeast region, according to police.

The types of crimes that can be filed through the online service, however, are restricted to those where there is no suspect information available. Minor crimes, such as petty theft, hit and run traffic accidents, identity theft, lost property, vandalism or harassing phone calls may be reported through the system, according to Police Chief Daniel Calleros.

“It’s a very user friendly system,” explained Calleros at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

The new crime-fighting tool will allow people to conveniently report certain types of crime from their home, work or anywhere they have Internet access, the police chief said.

Unlike other online police reporting systems that require police personnel to take the data reported by crime victims and re-enter into another system, Vernon’s system is able to import the information directly from the victim’s online report and include it in the department’s record system.

Only crimes that occur within city limits can be reported online. If the crime occurred on the freeway or involves the theft of a vehicle or license plate, the victim must report it directly to the California Highway Patrol or the Vernon Police Department, respectively.

“The system is set up so that the [report is only submitted] after all the information is filled out correctly,” Calleros said.

Once the receiving sergeant approves the report, the user will receive a confirmation email with a report number.

In the case of crimes where the victim(s) have information about the suspect, such as their name, address or license plate number, a report should be made directly to the city’s police department, in person or by calling (323) 587-5171.

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