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D.A. and Rotary Club Team Up to Stop Scams Targeting Seniors

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey Monday announced a campaign aimed at protecting seniors from financials scams, pointing to an example within her own family.

The campaign is in partnership with the Rotary Club of Los Angeles, known as LA5, to train volunteer speakers who will visit community centers, nursing homes and other locations to educate seniors about common scams, Lacey said.

“If we can save one senior from experiencing the agony of losing their life’s savings, then we have served our community well,” Lacey said at a news conference Monday morning.
Studies show that one in five seniors has been the victim of a financial scam, with most of those crimes rarely reported to authorities.

Lacey said her own mother was scammed over the phone when the caller said one of her grandchildren had been jailed overseas and needed money wired immediately.
“If this terrible scam could happen to my mother, then what about all of the other seniors?” Lacey said.

She said seniors can be easy prey for smooth-talking con artists.
“For many seniors, recovering from a large financial loss can be almost impossible,” Lacey said.

The Los Angeles Rotary Club plans to partner with other nonprofits to hand out printed materials to homebound seniors to help deter financial abuse.