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Lincoln High Students to Run School-Based Bank Branch

Thirteen students are helping run a newly opened Union Bank branch at Lincoln High School as part of an effort to give them work experience and boost graduation rates, a bank official said last week.

The program is operated in partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District on the high school campus at 3501 N. Broadway.

LAUSD and bank officials were on hand May 6 for a grand opening ceremony.

“Students don’t always graduate from high school, and one of the things … this program has helped promote is universal graduation rates,” said Jan Woolsey, operation manager at Union Bank.

The students are supervised by a bank employee and all the transactions at the banks are completed by the student bankers, Woolsey said.

“The students actually deliver the financial education to the classrooms throughout this school and promote the concepts around savings and the importance of banking and keeping your money in the bank and not under your mattress,” Woolsey said.

One the program’s participants, Isla Rueda, a Lincoln High senior, said she has enjoyed working at the bank.

“I have learned very many life skills, starting from the savings account to the checking account,” Rueda said. “… It is all very beneficial for us.”

The students receive a $500 stipend for working in the branch and a $1,000 scholarship for college once the course is completed, according to the bank.

Another branch was recently opened at Crenshaw High School, 5010 11th Ave. Both branches will only be open during the school year.