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Bus Rider Stabbed in Cypress Park: Arrest Made

A man suspected of carrying out a series of attacks aboard Metro buses was arrested today, shortly after additional assaults occurred in Cypress Park and Maywood.

Hector Resendez, 24, was arrested shortly after a stabbing occurred around 10:30 a.m. on a bus at Slauson Avenue and Atlantic Boulevard in Maywood.

Five hours earlier, a bus rider was stabbed aboard a bus at Figueroa Street and
Avenue 26 in Cypress Park.

The Maywood attack prompted a dragnet of the area by sheriff’s deputies, and a suspect was seen being taken into custody a short time later. The Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau confirmed that Resendez had been arrested in connection with the attacks.

Resendez is suspected in eight attacks aboard buses, beginning June 16, officials said.

Ramon Montenegro, a law enforcement technician with the sheriff’s Transit Services Bureau, said the attacks were all carried out with a screwdriver.

“It should be noted that the majority of the victims in these eight stabbings that have occurred have walked away from their injuries — they’ve been non-life-threatening injuries,” Montenegro told NBC4. “It’s almost like he’s doing it just to do it.”