Protest Calls for Obama to ‘Back Away’ from Deporting Children

By EGP Staff Report

Calling it a “humanitarian crisis,” a group of immigrant rights activists on Monday called on the U.S. to stop “traumatizing and further damaging the already scarred lives” of the thousands of immigrant children who have entered the country illegally in recent months.

Standing outside the federal building in downtown Los Angeles, the Human Rights Alliance for Child Refugees and Families, which includes representatives of several Southern California based organizations, said President Obama should back away from his request to Congress seeking over $2 billion to support the “fast-track deportations” of the minors and to “militarize” the U.S.-Mexico border.

A number of children were at Monday’s rally to stop the deportation of Central American children. (EGP photo by Fred Zermeno)

A number of children were at Monday’s rally to stop the deportation of Central American children. (EGP photo by Fred Zermeno)

Fanny Garcia and Pedro Joel were among those saying that the president’s request for “additional authority to exercise discretion” in the deportation of the children — who they say are refugees — will undo the Bush-era laws requiring that Central American immigrants receive a hearing on the merits of their case before they can be deported.

The coalition said U.S. policies are to blame for the large surge in children trying to enter the country to escape extreme poverty and the violent “drug wars fueled by drug consumption in the U.S.”

Protesters said American economic policy has helped destabilize countries like Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, leaving most of the people in those regions living in extreme poverty.

“As U.S. citizens, residents, concerned civilians, organizations, community, legal experts, and families of the detained and deported, we have a moral and legal responsibility to demand that … the children be reunited with their families, that deportations stop, and that we take humanitarian –rather than ruthless– steps towards solving this humanitarian crisis.”

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One Response to “Protest Calls for Obama to ‘Back Away’ from Deporting Children”

  1. Minerva Zermeno on July 17th, 2014 6:12 pm

    No matter what the President decides to do about the current influx of women, children and teenagers, from Central America, whether they stay or are sent back to their countries of origin, depending on what side your on, one side is not going to be happy.

    Immigrants from all over the world came to this country 100 years ago, primarily through Ellis Island.Many came for the same reasons some immigrants come to this country today; for freedom from political or religious persecution, and simply, for a “better life”.

    In the 1890s, the Statue of Liberty was recognized as the world’s symbol of freedom and the phrase “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”, ….. That meant something in the 1890’s. The United States was in the throes of industrialization and immigrants were helping to build this country. This influx of immigrants lasted until the 1950’s, it was not always smooth sailing, there was racial and ethnic discrimination, but somehow, we all managed to build the worlds strongest economy as we were the world’s largest manufacturer. Today, 100 years later, its a different world. Corporations have moved to foreign countries to contract with foreign workers, so that they could continue to make “more” profits at the expense of American workers. Although there seems to be a “rebirth” of some U.S. industries like GE and Ford that are slowly bringing manufacturing back from China, as these companies are starting to have concerns about rising labor costs, production time lags,and other issues (according to Forbes Magazine Article 7/23/12) is it enough to warrant, that we allow the “huddled masses” to continue to come to the United States in 2014? The U.S. lost out in more ways than one when the manufacturing industry “got greedy” by some perspectives and left for China and other foreign countries for lower labor costs and lax regulations. Now we have a world in a mess, with women and children trying…

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