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March 26, 2015 Issue

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Stepping In When Tragedy Strikes

Maria Leandra Reyes fought to hold back tears as she recalled the tragic death of her good friend Jesus Valderrama and her recent search for his relatives. Valderrama,... Read more »

Garcia Calls For More Women In Power

At an event recognizing women making a difference in their communities, Assemblymember Cristina Garcia praised the work these women are doing in her district, and... Read more »

Remembering Our Heroes

U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor recipients were remembered Wednesday at a ceremony at El Pueblo Historical Monument in Downtown Los Angeles. Veterans, representing... Read more »

Benefits of Minimum Wage Hike Debated

Economists sparred Tuesday over the effects of a proposal to raise the minimum wage to as high as $15.25 per hour in Los Angeles during a city council committee... Read more »

Músicos de Plaza del Mariachi Temen Ser Desplazados por Nuevo Proyecto de Metro

Los músicos de Plaza del Mariachi, considerada por muchos el corazón de la comunidad mexicana en Los Ángeles, están desconcertados por los planes de construcción... Read more »

Inician Cambios Positivos Para Solicitantes de Licencias Bajo la Ley AB60

Solicitantes de licencias de conducir para indocumentados en California cuyas peticiones habían sido remitidas a una segunda revisión por inconsistencias en los... Read more »

Local Women Recognized for Service

For nearly three decades, legislators across the state of California have been recognizing women who have made a difference in their district. Last Friday, Assemblywomen... Read more »

Asambleísta Pide Tener Más Mujeres en el Poder

En un evento que reconoce a las mujeres de todas las clases sociales que hacen una diferencia en sus comunidades, la Asambleísta Cristina García no sólo elogió... Read more »

Metro to Raise Security on Buses

Surveillance cameras, hard plastic barriers and other measures are being rolled out on Metro buses to protect drivers against assaults, transit officials announced... Read more »

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