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Tab For Single-Payer Proposal In California Could Run $400 Billion

A proposed single-payer health system in California would cost about $400 billion annually, with up to half of that money coming from a new payroll tax on workers... Read more »

Outside Washington, A ‘More Powerful’ Immigrant Rights Movement Emerges

New America Media – Immigrant rights advocates say that despite the cloud of fear hanging over communities in the first 100 days of the Trump administration, there... Read more »

Trump Propone Aumento del 7 % en Seguridad Centrado en Frontera e Inmigración

La propuesta presupuestaria del presidente, Donald Trump, para el año fiscal 2018 presentada hoy incluye un aumento de 4.700 millones de dólares (un 7,1 %) para... Read more »

Uso de Internet Crece Para Envíos de Remesas a Latinoamérica

Las remesas de los emigrantes desde Estados Unidos a América Latina y el Caribe en 2016 ascendieron a casi $70.000 millones, con un creciente uso de los envíos... Read more »

Council Opposes Senate Bill that Would Bring Changes to Metro Board

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously opposed a state Senate bill that would drastically overhaul the governing board of Metro. The bill is Sen. Tony Mendoza’s... Read more »

Consumo de Alcohol ‘Extremo’ Aumenta en Estados Unidos

Casi 32 millones de adultos en Estados Unidos han consumido al menos en una ocasión más del doble de la ingesta de bebidas alcohólicas a partir de la cual se... Read more »

Seniors Who Live with Their Abusers Often Suffer Recurrent Abuse

Older adults who have been hospitalized for injuries from an assault are more likely to experience subsequent physical abuse if they are female, widowed, diagnosed... Read more »

ACA Repeal Will Wipe Out Coverage Gains by Small Business Workers and Self-Employed

New America Media – Republicans’ efforts to repeal and replace portions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) threatens the health coverage of California’s self-employed,... Read more »

Eastside Youth Demand Inclusion in City Budget

Feeling they don’t have a seat at the table during budget season, over 200 local students rallied outside Los Angeles City Hall Tuesday and invited the mayor and... Read more »

Sentencian a Latino que Fue Contratado Para Matar en 1992 a Una Mujer

Un sicario latino contratado para robar y asesinar a una hispana en 1992 fue sentenciado en una corte de Los Ángeles a 28 años de cárcel, tras lograr una rebaja... Read more »

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