Trump’s Mask Has Crumbled

By EGP Editorial Baord

The unleashing of the bad actors from the alt-right and their cohorts the KKK, white nationalists and neo-Nazis by Trump’s campaign for president didn’t seem to taint the president’s image at all among his followers.

Nor did it give him pause that his self-aggrandizing words and actions have emboldened those who reflect the worst of America, namely blatant racism.

The president has always managed to squirm out of being closely identified with these radical perpetrators of hate, even as he welcomed Stave Bannon and his separatist agenda into the White House.

But during the past week, that has changed. Trump’s response to this past weekend’s tiki torch march and rally led by a large and well-organized group of white nationalists, the KKK and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, which ended in violent confrontations with counter-protesters on the left, has clearly unmasked his belief that radical racism is OK.

The events in Charlottesville and the days after have created a perfect storm for the president; one that will undoubtedly taint him with the same scorn directed at the racists groups he openly and loudly defended this week.

It’s tragic that it took the deaths of three Americans, a young female counter-protester and two police officers patrolling the event in a helicopter that crashed, and dozens of injuries to unmask the president’s true beliefs.

Trump just couldn’t bring himself to call the white supremacists what they really are, racists.

Under pressure from both the right and left, Trump did for a brief moment rebuke the actions and ideology of the white supremacists involved in the violence, but quickly and angrily backed away from his words, revealing he is a sympathizer to their racist cause.

It was hard not to see that his earlier words of condemnation were eating away at him as he sought to spread the blame to counter-protesters and to equate their actions as just as deplorable.

The display of Nazi dress and symbols were an affront to the men and women who fought to defend the values we hold most dear, including equality for all. Seeing the open revival of KKK props and propaganda is a chilling reminder that racism still exists.

Those who believe that our most dearly held beliefs of justice and opportunity for all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or immigration status, must prepare to battle to keep those ideas alive. To battle for the hearts and minds of all Americans and to rid our country of the mean, bigoted, racist and arrogant once and for all.

As a country, we owe a huge debt to those who have died in war and peace fighting the Nazi and white supremacist ideology.

We wonder how Mr. Trump is able to face his Jewish daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, and the country whose values he was elected to uphold.

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