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Parking at LAX About to Get Tougher

Long-term parking at Los Angeles International Airport-LAX, is getting a little tougher. More than 2,100 parking spaces in long-term Lot -C- are being taken out... Read more »

Holidays In Full Swing With Parades and Tree Lightings

Whether you’re looking for civic involvement through community meetings or just plain fun, there’s a lot going on this week. December 1st  is World... Read more »

Real Climate Leadership Starts With California’s Most Impacted Communities

Governor Brown is currently in Europe promoting California’s climate policies at the United Nations Climate Conference. Experts from across the globe are weighing... Read more »

Alameda Corridor-East Adopts ‘Local Hire’ Policy

Thirty percent of workers on future construction projects for the Alameda Corridor-East must be residents of Los Angeles County under a new “Local Hire” policy... Read more »

Homeless Man Charged With Attacks In Hollywood

A transient who allegedly stabbed a man and woman and attacked two hotel employees in Hollywood last week was behind bars Wednesday on attempted murder and other... Read more »

Multiple People Injured In Bus Crash

A passenger bus crashed into a wall on the San Bernardino (10) Freeway Monday in Boyle Heights, sending six people to a hospital. The crash was reported about 5:30... Read more »

November 30, 2017 Issue

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Supervisores Aprueban Baños Portátiles para Detener Propagación de la Hepatitis A Entre las Personas Sin Hogar

Con la esperanza de frenar la propagación de la hepatitis A, la Junta de Supervisores del Condado de Los Ángeles aprobó el martes un plan para instalar baños... Read more »

Estudiantes de Boyle Heights Cavan en el Aprendizaje Saludable

 (Cortesía de Keck Medicine de la USC) Decenas de estudiantes en la Escuela Secundaria de Hollenbeck se ensuciaron las manos el martes, construyeron jardineras,... Read more »

Enfrentamiento de South Gate Termina con Sospechoso Muerto

Los oficiales del alguacil investigaban el martes un tiroteo en South Gate que involucraba a un oficial que cobró la vida de un sospechoso de asalto de 40 años... Read more »

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