A Traffic School for L.A. Cyclists In the Works Sub

By EGP Staff Report

Bicyclists who receive a moving violation in the City of Los Angeles could soon be allowed to attend ‘traffic school” to reduce the amount of their fine or cut the violation from their record under a motion introduced by Councilman Jose Huizar (CD-14).

(Office Councilman Jose Huizar)

(Office Councilman Jose Huizar)

The City Council last week voted to have the Department of Transportation report back on the feasibility of creating a traffic school similar to those attended by auto drivers. “This is a great opportunity for the City to increase bike safety,” said the councilman in his weekly newsletter.

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2 Responses to “A Traffic School for L.A. Cyclists In the Works Sub”

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  2. Patricia A. Barker on December 5th, 2017 9:25 am

    I think it is long past time that bicyclists be held to the same standards that motor vehicle drivers are. I have seen a huge increase in the number of cyclists who operate their vehicles as if they are the only ones entitled to be on City streets and roadways. They hog the lanes, don’t signal, turn abruptly in front of moving vehicles, run red lights and perform “tricks” in moving traffic. They don’t wear protective gear and their bikes have no safety gear or reflective devices. Right now, as I see it, only those who drive motor vehicles are being held responsible for the safety of those who will not be responsible themselves. Perhaps if law enforcement actually enforcement the CVC on everyone who uses the roads (pedestrians and bicyclists AND vehicle drivers) some sanity will return to the streets.

    The California Vehicle Code is very clear and states that cyclists, while operating their bikes on states and local roads and highways MUST obey the rules of the road as if they are driving a motor vehicle.

    It is unfair to place the onus of responsibility for reducing traffic injuries and deaths on just one segment of those who use those same roads. The responsibility should be shared equally by all who use them.

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