Customers Can File Complaints On New L.A. Sanitation Website

By City News Service

An online portal that allows customers to submit billing disputes and get information about trash pickup was unveiled this week by the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation, which has been dealing with widespread complaints since the city’s RecycLA program went into effect several months ago.

The franchise waste hauling system that became operational July 1 is meant to expand recycling opportunities to thousands of businesses and apartment buildings while also cutting down on pollution by reducing the number of trucks on the street.

Web-recycLA Billing Dispute portal

Under the RecycLA system, seven companies handle an estimated $3.5 billion in commercial waste hauling in Los Angeles. Each company is assigned as the sole trash hauler for commercial sites and multi-family complexes in one or more of the city’s 11 zones.

But some customers have complained about skyrocketing costs under the new program, while maintaining that the quality of service has fallen.

“Inappropriate overcharges for trash pickup are unacceptable, so we are making sure that Angelenos can more easily submit billing disputes, and better understand how to keep costs as low as possible,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said. “I know this transition has been tough for some customers — so we’ll keep working hard to ensure that recycLA works for people in this city, and meets our goal to make L.A. cleaner, greener, and healthier.”

Garcetti’s office said more than three-quarters of customers pay only the base rate, but some have reported sudden cost increases.

Some City Council members have reported that since the rollout of the program, their offices have been inundated with angry phone calls. Some business operators have said their fees have doubled, tripled or quadrupled under the new program while quality of service has plummeted.

“We’re all getting the same phone calls each and every day. Our office is overloaded,” Councilman Mitchell Englander said in August. “In fact, I don’t remember a time where we’ve gotten so many irate phone calls over one particular issue that’s directly impacting so many different people.”

The online portal can be found at

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One Response to “Customers Can File Complaints On New L.A. Sanitation Website”

  1. Scott McKinley on February 14th, 2018 6:57 am

    We are the broker for Casa Panomara at 14555 Osborne Street in Panorama, CA. 91401. My client gets absolutely horrible service consistently from Republic Services. In September of 17 they missed 10 out of 13 service days. Since then they consistently miss a pick up each week. 2 months ago Republic broke a caster on the customer owned compactor box. I have called 3 times. Each time spent 1 hour on the phone waiting to speak with someone. Each time I hung up thinking I have the issue solved. The repair still has not been repaired at of 2/14/18. Yesterday they damaged the side of the garage. We cannot get any customer service response. Our sales rep cannot be reached by phone and returns 1 in 5 emails and that takes a few days. And Republic does not care as this is a franchise and they cannot lose the work. They should have been terminated long ago. They just don’t care! Help! Anyone that can help please call me at (401) 339-1188. –Scott McKinley

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