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Obama Se Centrará en sus Prioridades, A Pesar de Renovadas Acusaciones del Atentado en Bengasi

El presidente, Barack Obama, “continuará centrándose” en las prioridades de su segundo mandato, como la reforma migratoria y el fortalecimiento de la clase... Read more »

November 15, 2012 Issue

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CVS Gets Approval for Signs On ‘Golden Gate’ Store

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved a zoning variance to allow signs to go up on a historic building in unincorporated East... Read more »

Villaraigosa Says He’s Staying Put

Months of speculation came to an end today, when Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa took advantage of a national TV platform to tell Angelenos (and anyone interested)... Read more »

Cartoon: May Day on Wall Street

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Editorial: Whatever Wall Street Wants Wall Street Gets

Have you heard the joke about the guy that was overdrawn at the bank by some $29,000 dollars?  He called the president of the bank to ask for a $30,000 loan. The... Read more »

Google and Yahoo in Cahoots

At 15% of the U.S. population and with ever-growing political clout, Hispanic Americans have had their “coming of age” of sorts in this new millennium.   The... Read more »

Getting Out the Latino Vote

While the news may be filled with stories on the 2008 presidential race and there remains just a little over a month before votes will be tallied and a victor declared,... Read more »

Day Laborer Jobs In Shorter Supply as Economy Slides

The economic crisis affecting the United States is being felt by undocumented day laborers in Los Angeles who, with the specter of unemployment, are fleeing California... Read more »

SBA Appeals Federal Court Ruling

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is appealing a United States District Court ruling filed against them by the American Small Business League (ASBL) under... Read more »

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