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Classrooms: Only Part of Student Success

There is a growing push in recent years to make public schools more than just the usual places of learning, but comprehensive resources centers where students and... Read more »

‘We’re Dreaming… of 2025’

Is it too soon to start celebrating a high school graduation that won’t take place until 2025? Not according to the families, teachers and third grade students... Read more »

Hushing Outrage: Police Commission Stands Down

The Los Angeles Police Commission postponed a discussion Tuesday on proposed meeting rules that would prohibit public speakers from making “repetitious, personal,... Read more »

MUSD Candidates Take on Student Performance

Montebello Unified students have returned to school and candidates running for two seats on the Board of Education say they want to make sure students are on track... Read more »

Government Projects Gone Awry? Blame Technology

Traveling to and from our old office in Highland Park and our new space in Lincoln Heights, we could not help but notice how the trash, graffiti and dilapidated... Read more »

Making America Work for Working People

For millions of working parents like me, the juggling act between our homes and offices gets even more frantic as our kids head back to school. My daughter just... Read more »

Women’s Equality 95 Years Later

On August 26, 1920 the 19th amendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote, officially became part of the United States Constitution. The anniversary of this... Read more »

L.A. County Moves New Jails Plan

County supervisors voted Tuesday — for the second time — to move ahead with construction of a 3,885-bed jail/treatment facility in downtown Los Angeles to replace... Read more »

Hidden Poor Highest Among Elder Black and Latino Households

Nearly one in five adults over age 65 in California, that is, around 772,000 elders, endure financial hardship, unable to afford basic needs, but often ineligible... Read more »

L.A. Chosen as Nation’s 2024 Summer Olympics Bid

Mayor Eric Garcetti was in Switzerland Wednesday to present Los Angeles to the International Olympic Committee as a candidate to host the 2024 Olympics. Garcetti... Read more »

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