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Hillary Clinton Coming to ELAC Amid Protest by Latino Students

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to speak today at East Los Angeles College amid a planned protest by Latino students and community groups... Read more »

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Mariachi Opera Honors Braceros

The story of the bracero, Mexican migrant workers who traveled to the United States in the 1940s and 50s to fill the country’s labor shortage, will be told through... Read more »

GOP’s Cruz, Kasich Out: CA Role Diminished

In a matter of hours, California went from playing a critical role in the Republican presidential race to being a primary-season after-thought, but a Southland political... Read more »

Bill Requiring Renters to Pay Up During Evictions Pulled

SACRAMENTO – Tenants’ rights advocates are celebrating after Assemblyman Mike Gatto killed his controversial bill about evictions, just ahead of a scheduled... Read more »

Eastside Residents Prepare for Disaster

“How many of you have a preparedness plan in case of a natural disaster?” Mariela Balam asked a crowd gathered in East Los Angeles last week. Just a handful... Read more »

Children Reunited With Incarcerated Fathers

For the eighth year running, male inmates were reunited with children and grandchildren for one day as part of the  “Returning Hearts Celebration,” a program... Read more »

County Adopts Program to Enforce Wage Law

The Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance Tuesday to enforce the county’s minimum wage. The Department of Consumer and Business Affairs will set up the wage... Read more »

Donald Trump Candidato Republicano Hacia la Presidencia

La ya inevitable nominación del magnate Donald Trump como candidato republicano a la Presidencia ha puesto en evidencia la excepcional situación política que... Read more »

Aumenta el Número de Desamparados en Los Ángeles Según Informe

El número de personas sin hogar en el condado de Los Ángeles aumentó 5,7 por ciento en el último año para llegar a 46.874, según los resultados del recuento... Read more »

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